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Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009

Miss Candy’s Brand New Nightflirt Sissy has the Time of his White Boy Life

candy sissyI have a very faithful caller and tribute slave that just begs for BLACK COCK. He wants so badly to suck black cock and have his asshole TORE UP by a HUGE superior BLACK MAN. My caller has been afraid to take action on this fantasy, so Miss Candy took things into her own manicured hands. I told my caller that I took out an ad on Craigslist in his city for a white sissy looking for a superior black man for a motel encounter of sucking and ass ramming. We got responses right away and I set up the whole thing. My sissy paid for the motel room and took his laptop and webcam to the motel. He set up the webcam on the dresser with a full view of the bed. I had a party with 3 hot girl friends to watch the webcam show. The black man showed up a few mins late and went right into action. He made my caller suck him off for what seemed like hours. My caller was gagging and choking but the black man just kept grabbing his hair and ramming his head against his nutsack. Then the ass attack came and my caller stayed on his knees with his ass up in the air for at least an hour while the black man had his way with his asshole. My caller got tore up REAL GOOD. All the while my girlfriends and I sat back and LAUGHED and HOWLED and took in the entire show. It was so much fun watching him get used by the superior black man. My white caller paid the black man for his time in addition to paying for the motel room. Miss Candy also received a tribute of 100 dollars for setting up the entire encounter. This was SO MUCH FUN and I can do the same for any caller who has this fantasy. Just leave it to Miss Candy. I will set ya up real good with some HUGE BLACK DICK !

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Sunday, 29 Nov 2009

Saturday Night FUCKING

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My stap-on

My stap-on

Hey bitches,
So tonight is Saturday night and i had a fucking
blast tonight with my girlfriends we went to the
club and we notice this really goofing looking
nerd that didn’t belong in the club in fact when
he looked over our way, You know the table
with the hottest blondes. He looked at us and
i think he wet his pants like a complete dork
So me and my friends kept winking at him and
laughing at him and he would get all excited so
my friend Jessica went over to him and told him
how hot he is and he should come back to our
place and have fun with all 4 hot blonde
princesses. So he decided to come back to
our place and we told him we had a surprise for
him and to take his clothes ( wink wink ) so
He did and i told him to put my panties on like
a bitch and he was a good boy he put the
panties on and then my friend jenny said
candy go put your stap-on on and fuck him
and will take pics of him and put them all
over the net. So i fucked the shit out of
him like a slut and make him show us
his 3″ lil pecker HAHAHAHA what a loser
So finally we fucked him took some pics
and threw him out in bright pink lacy
panties, Pink bra, and clear heels and
we took his regular clothes from him
and threw them in the trash can

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Friday, 27 Nov 2009

Voicemail from CANDY

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Hey losers,
Its me candy just thought i would blog really quick
before i leave. I wanted to wish every loser out
there a happy TG. Now i must be on my perfect
little way TATA!!!!!

A personal Voicemail from me  

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Friday, 20 Nov 2009

Thursday nite bitch

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Hello my bitches,
So tonight i sent out a email looking for my bitch
of the night. I got a few to bite but this one was my
favorite because he sent me a picture of his JUNK
yeah its pretty fucking sad when you balls are bigger
then your own dick HAHAHA he said he was on his
way to a glory hole to suck black dick.

Then he got on cam for me and put his wifes big ass
granny panties on and sucked on a lotion bottle until
in his mouth like a cock lmao he was gagging all over
the place and i make him rub lotion all over the water
bottle and shove it up his ass and jump up and down
lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A BITCH!!!!! and yes lil JIMMY
are my Thursday nite bitch and thanks for the
$75.00 tribute im sure i can buy 1 shoe with that
hahhaha ITS EXPENSIVE BEING ME what can
i say?????????

Love your mistress

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Sunday, 15 Nov 2009

Candy’s Phone Sex Blog 4 Saturday

xxxcandy-25.jpgAnother weekend of parties and shopping and cash raping of losers. I took a call from one loser in the NY who spoiled me with over one thousand dollars in PTV’s and tributes. Now lets see if any of you sugar daddies out there can step up to the plate and beat that. That NYer certainly knew how to treat a hot young and completely perfect girl of my level of perfection. Well I have more parties to go to and more losers to rape of their hard earned cash so I gotta get going. So call the most completely perfect girl on all of nightflirt and spoil me as I should be spoiled. XXXOOO CANDY

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