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Enslaving the OLD MAN ( Phone Sex)

Posted on Wednesday 30 September 2009

My cop friend and I went next door to tell the OLD MAN I was pressing sex offender charges against him. I was wearing a pair of pink booty shorts, a white belly shirt and white strappy stiletto sandals. I was also was wearing Chanel #5 my signature perfume. Needless to say I looked like every man’s jerk off dream.  After my cop friend broke the news to him he fell to his knees right in front of me and BEGGED me not to send him to jail. I LOVED IT !!  My plan was working perfectly. Phone sex Candy was totally in control of the situation. I taunted him by telling him he would make a lot of good friends in prison. hahahahahahaha He then begged some more and told me he would do ANYTHING if I did not press charges. So I stood over him and looked down at him and told him that I OWNED him now. And I told him to go scrub my driveway with a toothbrush and I would think about not pressing charges. He quickly got up to get a brush and came back with an old toothbrush and I said no no no no no. I want you to use your own REAL toothbrush that you use everyday, and clean my driveway, and then use the brush to brush your teeth.  hahahahahaha He had to obey…. so Phone sex Candy sat in a comfortable lawn chair and watched him work as I made a few phone calls and texted some friends. My plan was working perfectly like I thought it would. I can make this fucker do anything I want now. Little does he know what is in store for his OLD MAN ASS. hahaahahhaah….Phone sex Candy is the BEST. My life just got even better. I now have an OLD MAN slave to work for me and keep me entertained. Call me on niteflirt at to become my phone sex slave. Call me now submissive PIGS !!

I have a plan !! (phone sex candy)

Posted on Tuesday 29 September 2009

sub2.jpgAnother update on my fabulous self and life. Today I actually got up a little early. 11 o’ clock . And went shopping and had lunch with some hot friends. I was telling them about the OLD MAN neighbor and how he used to stare at me through the fence while suntanning, and how my cop friend and I scared the shit out of him by threatening to take him to prison as a sex offender. And then I told them about borrowing a cup of sugar and practically giving the old fucker a heart attack. One of my hot GF’s had a great plan that I am about to put into action. I am going to BLACKMAIL the old man. I am going to threaten to turn him into the police unless he does EVERYTHING I tell him to do. And I mean EVERYTHING. Just the thought of bossing that old fucker around is gettin me HOT right now. I won’t have to lift a goddamn finger and he has NO CHOICE but to do whatever I tell him to do. MY GOD I ROCK !!  I so love being me. My life gets better everyday. Tomorrows blog will tell about how phone sex Candy breaks it to the old man that he is going to jail. HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH…. Call phone sex Candy at Did I mention how perfect I am…….oh yeah I did. hahahahahahah. C YA !!!

Best life ever ( candy phone sex )

Posted on Monday 28 September 2009

Another update on my fabulous life. Another great day of tanning and swimming and keeping my body totally flawless and perfect. My clothes closets are full of HOT clothes. I am totally brilliant and confident in all ways. And even at 18 I realized the complete POWER a beautiful and brilliant woman has over the world. This world is my personal playground. Phone sex Candy is on top of the world. I have great sex with whoever I choose to. I have men giving me money right and left. I am getting more beautiful and powerful everyday and I totally love myself. And I am in the mood for some money slave calls. This phone sex goddess does it all but I am really in the mood for some money raping of a complete loser. So all you phone sex loser wanker boys out there that are reading this had better fucking call me and cough up the cash to contribute to my KICK ASS lifestyle. I deserve it and you know it. I can put your money to better use than your stupid ass can. Now call phone sex Candy on the niteflirt beta site at and spoil me while you suffer. Doesn’t that sound fucking sweet. Call me now PIGS !!

Red mini dress ( phone sex candy )

Posted on Sunday 27 September 2009

My red mini dress got me much attention at the bar last night. Phone sex Candy wore the tightest and shortest and most form fitting dress ever and I felt fantastic in that dress. Groups of men and women just stopped and stared. A group of losers actually got down on their knees and began to worship me. Needless to say I let them because I deserve it. I was the center of attention all night and had men offering me drinks and money and real estate and cars. Ahhh the POWER of a beautiful woman. I am thinking about a nice electric blue mini dress for my next outting at the clubs. Phone sex Candy loves being worshipped by losers and real men. I just love worshipment. And I am the best phone sex goddess on the net. Use the niteflirt beta site to call me.  Phone sex candy is waiting for your call.

Fucking like a rockstar

Posted on Friday 25 September 2009

Time for another Candy phone sex update on my fabulous life. After we totally messed with the head of the old man neighbor my cop friend and I fucked like goddamn rockstars. Every which way we could think of we did. Phone sex goddess on top, cop on bottom and of course the reverse. Up against the wall. In the tub. On the kitchen table. In the backyard, on the front porch. In my pussy, in my mouth, in my ass. You name it we did it. Candy the phone sex goddess is the goddess of all types of sex. I must have had double digit orgasms. I lost count after 8. Phone sex goddess Candy just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. And my cop friend stayed rock hard for hours and hours. This was the best night of sex that phone sex goddess Candy ever had. And my cop friend could not have enough of my perfectly tanned and toned body. We did it ROUGH we did it soft. We screwed like rabbits in heat. I am so fucking hot that i can keep a man hard for multiple hours on end. MY GOD I LOVE BEING BEAUTIFUL. Sure beats hell out of being UGLY. Have I mentioned I have a kick ass tan and body. Oh yeah I did. Well when cop boy finally ran out of energy he had to just get down and worship this phone sex goddess. He just had the BEST sexual experience of his young life with a TRUE GODDESS of phone sex. Did I mention that we fucked for HOURS ?  I am the BEST phone sex goddess on the internet and the world for that matter. Call now and see what you have been missing. I invented the term phone sex goddess. Talk to ya soon. XXOO


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