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OMG its so fucking hot here HELP!

Posted on Wednesday 29 July 2009

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Omg! It’s so fucking hot here i feel like im
going to die lol… Even swimming doesn’t
keep you cool ok so its like 2:00 am and i
can’t sleep so im up taking calls because
i know how much you love me haha 🙂 So
let’s see i haven’t bloged in like forever i have
been pretty buy like usual but even if i don’t
blog you know you can always call me.

Last night i had a call with this sissy in
new York who had the hottest chick voice
ever. He sounded so fucking hot and loved
BBC of course who doesn’t right? He would
of totally loved coming to the lil Wayne
concert with me. There were lot’s hehe….
this summer has been hot as hell so i’ve
been living my fine ass by pool and im
getting darkkk. I love to tan and im sure
you can agree with me. Ok its getting late
im going to stay on and lay in bed

So call me im up and ready to take some
call plus im horny im sure there’s a lucky
guy out there that can make me cum.,….



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