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Saturday morning

Posted on Saturday 6 December 2008

Hello my hotties,
Well im so excited Christmas is coming and i got one
of my sissy slaves to buy me a Christmas tee a real
one too! He said he had some hook ups and yesterday
i had a huge tree delivered to my door its so beautiful
i felt like such a princess 🙂 So now i have this 8ft tree
in my living room and all decorated its so pretty

Thank you my lil sissy cum slut. and besides i know
i haven’t bloged in while but things these days are so
busy especially blackmailing all these losers out of
money heheh. So it doesn’t give me much time to
blog anymore but i promise to keep up. Ok lets see
what els has been going on in my life hmm i have
been having lots of sex with my bf he fucks my lil bald
pussy so good and makes me cum so much.

I know you just want to crawl on your hands and
knees to lick it up dont you! To know more about
that youll have to give me a call. Well its like 4:30
and i better get some sleep because tomorrow i
have a big shopping day at the mall. No not xmas
shopping that i kinda wait till the last minute lol
im talking about shopping for me! well ill blog
tomorrow night night

Kisses candy


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