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Like oh my god how are you?!?!?!

Posted on Friday 29 August 2008

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Hello my hotties,

wow its been so long since i have bloged i almost
forgot hot to lolwell my bday just past on the 23
and yes my sugar daddy jay spoiledthe crap out me
yayay!!!! thank you your the best daddy any girl could
ever have (kisses) :mrgreen:. I have been so busy
lately that blogging these days isnt a option for me.
I have been hanging out partying, having a blast with
all my friends you know doing the stuff girls do. Not
to mention spending sooooo much time with my bf who

is the most amazing bf in the world. Guess what guys
im not totally sure infact i shoulnt even be saying this
but i think hes getting ready to pop the question (omg)
anyways will see how it goes and ill keep you guys
posted on that. Yes im to young for marriage but hes so
adorable,sexy,amazing and did i mention he has a huge
cock? and its so yummy. I guess now you can tell why
i’ve been gone fot a while hehee 💡 i have neen on
my back and knees alot too.

OMG OMG remember that loser larry i use to write about?
yeah he spent some good money on me but its nothing
compared to JAY anyways he emailed me and bought my
ass pics and wrote me feedback. I BLOCKED his loser
drunk ass. He like has no life and lives on NF and he tries
to find other girls to replace me LMAO please! im one of a
kind bitch 😛 “often imitated but can not be”
so larry you stick with the fluzzies because you cant have
this hot bitch. Your broke ass cant afford me and trust
me drunker your

no JAY. Sorry i went of into a rant lol i cant help im just
that good that i have to get rid of some people because
there flat out anoying and im so hot i mean just look at
me. im blonde, sexy, hot as all hell i have the hottest
tits and ass people just cant resist them 😆 ok well
hotties im off to do calls you know where to reach me
so give me
a call baby for hot phone sex


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