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Its a whatever day

Posted on Wednesday 27 February 2008

Today was a lazy in my pink jammy’s day and it was
fun lol. Im so behind on bloging its sad. I have been
pretty busy and taking calls. Speaking of calls that
dumbass who left me the feedback lol i just say
WHATEVER!! to it and :giggle: why do i laugh at it?
uh well because for one well all know how hot i sound

An look DUH! and i think my 3000 something feedback
speaks for itself thousands of men writing about how
hot i sound so one loser who wanted to talk about him
sucking off animal dick isn’t going to get me down sorry
babe But i follow the rules on Niteflirt and the things
you wanted to do is enough to get any girl sick!

ANYWAYZZZ! back to me lol oh oh i like got this
new cell phone that’s sooooo fucking hot its like a
blackberry but way better and way cuter and right now
im bloging from it lol its pretty awesome and i got this
pink cover to go over it too. I sware everything in my room
i love it so much. Well i better

PS. Candy has a new crush named Danny πŸ˜† hes
cute,funny, like really smart! like i said b4 it really
turns me when he reads me the stalks of the day
last night he made me come 5 times OMG it was
so hot
CandY<3 Danny

Phone sex Happy valentines day

Posted on Thursday 14 February 2008

today as we all know is my fav holiday mmm
i can smell the roses right now and a box of
godiva chocolates mmm 😯 well anywas
i got to make this one short i just wanted

to everyone a happy valentines day and
hope you have fun and give me a call πŸ™‚
love ya’s

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Niteflirt Phone sex Big black cock phone sex

Posted on Monday 11 February 2008


Hello my hotties,
Well its sunday and nothing much is going on its
more like a chill kinda day. I was sitting out by
our pool with my feet in it and BOY is it cold lol.
i just cant want to go swiming I love the water

So much and i like swiming with boys because
they like to put me on there shoulders and play
hehe 😈 anyways enough about swimming
guys have been calling me well acutally they have
been calling me for the longest time wanting to

hear about how candy likes to feed them big
juicy cock and spray there face with the cum
from his dick now thats hot phone sex and my
hotties just love it so much so call me and let

me teach you how to take a big black cock
phone sex all down your throat like a white
little bitch! I just love all my white little losers
that call me for phone sex. So give me a call
and lets play boys ill be wating in somthing

Princess Phone Sex

Posted on Friday 8 February 2008

Hello my hotties,

I know i havent bloged in life forever but i guess i have
been a little busy and a lil lazy lol. I haven’t really been
up too much just chilling withΒ my girls and just having
some fun. Oh and teasing little dick losers lol who wish

they can touch me but sorry losers its about the $$$
with this princess. Speaking of little dick losers where
has my little tiny weenie wee wee been? hes the one
with the small little dick that looks like a clit (giggles)

Lets see what am i up too today?? Prolly going to do
a little shopping at the mall it makes me feel better
when i go buy something reall hot for myself or have
one of you losers do it for me :O) but i do love my

sugar daddys that spoil me and buy me things πŸ™‚
well im going to get back to taking hot phone sex
calls and making guy and of course tease them
as well and let them know what they cant have



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