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I’ve been sick :(

Posted on Wednesday 23 January 2008

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Hello my hotties,
Well i have been kinda sick 🙁 these past
couple of days i need someone to come take
of me like the princess i am. But i still have
been very horny lol i guess that never goes away
lol. The UPS and FED EX guy came today and brought
me prezzies :o) and made me feel all better

Thank you daddy JA xoxo you always make me so
happy when you spoil me. Lets see what has been
going on in the life of candy lol nothing really
cuz i’ve been kinda sick. I wish summer would
hurry up and get here because i want to go
swimming so badly and show off my new bikini                                                

that i got onine and its so SKIMPY and hot!
but i cant ware its because its too cold 🙁
and thanks too danny i have that song Get Low
in my head all the time, Because he called me
and was singing it to me and i must tell you
if you can get him to sing to you its the

most adorablest thing EVER! (hehe) the boots
with the fuuuuurrr lmao and he made me cum
so hard the other night 😉 and has kept me
horny since (blushes) well its like 6:00
here and i need to go take a shower and rub
my body down with some dove (giggles) I

Could keep going but youll have to call
me to find out the rest on that one lol
anyways i have to go to this hot resturant
because its mah girls birthday and the
waiters are sexxxy! Ok ill stop im getting
all horny and i have no time to finger lol
well i better get going CALL ME TTYL

Oh by the way there is nothing more hotter then
when danny reads me the stocks 😆 its the sexiest
thing ever and it makes my clit pulse just for him 😆
and he knows just how to turn me on by reading the
stocks of the day SEXXXXXYYYYYY :mrgreen:

Add me on MySpace!

Posted on Saturday 19 January 2008

Hello my hotties,
I finally decided to get a myspace Yes me! well go
ahead and add me lol 🙂 ill see you there, I put
the adress below:

Spoiled or what??

Posted on Wednesday 16 January 2008


Hello my hotties,
Wow im so spoiled:) look what my new daddy bought
me 🙂 This so all the hot guys can teach me how to
play since i really dont no how lol. I told him i would
blog about how he spoiled me last night and made me

Such a princess 🙂 but ill finish blogging about it in a
little bit because im about to go out with my girl friends

So busy ughhh

Posted on Thursday 10 January 2008

Hello my hotties,
Hope you like the little eye candy above just a
teaser. I have been so busy i feel like my head is
about to explode lol. I think i need a good hard
fucking to get my mind off things. Thank god the
hollidays are over!! I men dont get me wrong i love

xmas but it gets you so damn busy and all the money
you have to spend on everyone lol. Im just glad its lover.
Someone has been romancing my life (hehe) you can read
all about it in my feedback. Im such a romantic girl. But i love
when things get a little rough too though 😆 I guess thats

because im such a girly girl im also not a kiss and tell kinda
girl. Im so wondering what happend to you john you just
disipeard out of nowhere again lol ? are you still alive out
there somewhere? lol I guess that aquanet to the balls
really got to you ah? I hope you can walk ok these days

I have a new sissy slut lol at this time i have no pics of
him, Im trying to get some so i can show every one my
new sissy slut when i get the pics i will post them for U.
All of my fans know thats im like the biggest britney
spears fan i really feel bad for her and i still like her and
support her in everyway! Love will make you do crazy

things you wouldnt ever normally do and i belive she was
really in love and just got all caught up in k-fed (god is
he a loser) Urghhh!! anyways lol back to me did i ever
mention that i love to be showerd in presents from my
wishlist 🙂 or roses and chocolates ::HINT HINT:: those

of you that know me very well know that my favoriate
holliday valentines days is coming up 🙂 feel free to get
the girl you love so much somthing nice 😉 or even
if you just want to surprise me ILL LOVE IT SO MUCH 🙂
well im off to hot phonesex so give me a call


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