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Posted on Monday 31 December 2007

Hello my hotties,
Happy new years! As for me ill be at this really cool block
party where theres alot of hot guys and i can drink with
my friends :). This year has been really awsome for me
so i cant complain i would have to say the best part was
all the gifts i got my my daddy JA he really has made me

Feel like the princess i am and i wanted to thank you so
much babe for everything you done hugs and kisses and
ill take care of you later on wink wink! and another special
someone has really found a place in my hart and im sure
you can tell by all the romantic feedback he leaves me
but i wont kiss and tell πŸ™‚ a true girl never dose!

*his amazing feedback*
Saturday . . Sunday . . Monday . . NEW YEARS DAY!!!
The time just seems to be ticking away. My New Years
Resolution is to get to know Miss Candy much better.
She can make you much happier if you’d only let her.
Could I share what she has done for me? Yes I could
but I am a gentleman you see. But it definitly makes
me feel all warm inside. Should you call her..its up to
you to decide. But dont wait too long!!!

Thank you so much everything you write is just so
perfect :mrgreen: and i hope you have a happy new
years! i also wish all my hotties a happy new years
and i advise you to give me a call so we can both
explode together on new years ((giggles)) yummy!
well im off to phone sex so give me a call and lets

Merry Christmas

Posted on Tuesday 25 December 2007

Hello my hotties,
I wanted to wish everyone a merry christmasΒ Β :mrgreen:Β 
and i hope you all miss me πŸ™‚ and i want to thank some
of my hotties for the christmas presents i got πŸ™‚ its
always good making me feel like the princess i am..

Speaking of making me feel like a princess Mr.
Lightningmcqueen, always seems to know how
to do that, he makes me feel so special and knows
just the right words to say to make me feel all
fuzzy inside πŸ™‚ He always writes me the most
adorablest feedback in the WORLD!!! Go
ahead and read it, I typed it blow

Twas the night before Christmas and all
through the house not a creature was stirring..
until I woke up from my long winters nap. I
picked up the phone and I called her right up..
My dear Candyclause, This is my christmas wish.
Please … Well the rest is quite private but I surely
got my christmas wish!!

Isnt he adorable? Your so amazing :mrgreen: XoXo
and kisses. Well hotties i hope you all have a merry
xmas and be safe too. Dont forget to think about
me *hehhe* Ill be opening presents tomorow so
ill know what some of you got me YAYAYAA i
cant wait :o) Bye bye im off to phone sex

Home all alone

Posted on Tuesday 11 December 2007

Current Mood:Flirtatious emoticon Flirtatious & Happy emoticon Happy & Playful emoticon Playful

Hello my hotties,
Its monday night and im home all alone and
im just laying on the couch in pink booty shorts
and a little white tank top that says ➑ “hottie” πŸ‘Ώ
watching ” I love new york 2 ” and i cant believe she
let PUNK go ❓ but call me crazy but im rooting for

taylor made lol i dont no what it is about him but
there is somthing sexy about him πŸ˜† But will see
who she picks next week. But thats show is now
over and now im wataching ” walk the line ” I really
love that movie its so romantic and Joaquin Phoenix
is tottally hot!!

Im doing alot of updating to my site as you can tell.
Dont forget to visit my CANDYSHOP i added some new
pic sets in there to buy. Also if you a personal mp3
done by me visit my CANDYSHOP and ill make it just
for you. You can also catch me on alot earlyer these

For some reason i keep waking up really horny and
take calls with all the hot and horny guys getting
ready for work. Right now im so buzzed i went out
with some of my girls and i drank 2 long island ice
teas. *Yummy* So when you call i just might

sound a bit tipsy hehe. Guys christmas is coming
up and i cant wait to see the kinds prezzies im
going to get πŸ™‚ So feel free to shop for me on my
wishlist. You no your candy will love it πŸ˜‰ you
should see my tree its so pretty and twinkely i

love to turn all the lights off in the house and just
look it πŸ™‚ or even lay under it hahah i know call me
a nerd but i just love christmas so much i guess i
tend to get over excited. Well i hope you like the
new changes i have made to my site πŸ™‚ and i want

To say thank you for all the cute little coments
you have been leaving me πŸ˜‰ I really love them i
see them when i sign on to my blog and they make
me feel so special πŸ™‚ well hotties im off to take calls
and make all my men cum *yummy* So dont be a
stranger give me a call and let cum ( my favoriate
thing to do in the whole wide world )

Xmas is cuming up

Posted on Friday 7 December 2007

Hello my hotties,
Yes my site has changed a bit i hope you like
it i no i love it (heheh) i cant believe Christmas
is already here im so excited i love prezzies
and of course making me cum like i always do
because i get so horny myself what better chance
to play with my pussy and play with you at the

same time. I love getting my tight little pussy
eatin out and cumin all over your face *yummy*
now im getting so honry and im on taking calls
you should call me and lets get off together

Let me tell you about my new boy Mike hes so
adorable he loves sneaking calls to me while his
wife is sleeping. He says i now own his big cock
and its all mine πŸ™‚ ill be when he goes to bed at
night all he thinks about is my pussy on his face.
He is so addicted to me he calls me everyday



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