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Happy late thanksgiving

Posted on Sunday 25 November 2007

Hello my hotties,
and happy late thanksgiving mine was very nice
i spent it with my family and we had alot of family
come over and we just talked and chilled out and
of course ate 🙂 I wanted to thank my sugar daddy

for sending the pretty bouquet of roses to my home
they were anamazing 🙂 i just wanted to thank you
for that! I hope all my hotties enjoyed there holliday
as well. Christmas is coming up guys and candy
wants to be spoiled like the princess she is 😉

Well im going to log and now and make some hot
men cum for me and spoil me like the princess i
am. so give me a call and lets play bye bye

My little weewee boy

Posted on Thursday 15 November 2007

Omg did you see the pics below of my new little
weewee boy hes such a cock loving faggot he
wants to such on big black cock and scrub my
entire house with a tooth brush while he is wareing
panties for me 😛 If wee-wee boy doesnt do a
good enough job im going to whip his little dicky
with a whip and turn in all red SO GET ON YOUR
MY HOUSE AND when were done get your ass
on that corner and suck that cock for free BITCH! ❗

admin @ 2:08 pm
Filed under: Phone sex

Posted on Thursday 15 November 2007



Omg this is the uglyest smallest dick i have
ever seen lmao and its so small. Its smaller then
a clit.


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