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Happy halloweeen

Posted on Wednesday 31 October 2007



Hello my hotties,
Its me candy i want you to meet my new little
play toy he dose whatever i tell him to do just
like the little slut he is. He is my new cum
guzzeling whore. All he wants is cum cum cum
and wants to dress up like a cheap hooker 👿

Anyways i have been very good and been on a
little more lately 😛 thats why my little slut
up there has been calling me. And yes that loser
john is still trying to call me and sending me
amazon GC but i wont take his loser calls hehe

Anyways tonight is halloween and im so excited
i have the hotest costume ever its a french maid
and im going to look so fucking hot well hotties
its bed time for me i need to get laid and im off
to fuck so ill be logged in so give me a calls
and lets play muuwwaahhhh CALL ME ❗

Happy halloween

Posted on Sunday 28 October 2007

Hello my hotties,
Well hotties happy halloween 😈 because its just
in a few days 🙂 i got my sexy ass costume. Im going as
sexy nurse (giggles) well tonight im logged on takeing
some hot phone sex calls. So call me so me and you
can play and get off together.

I just got out of the bath tub and i smell so yummy
i and i have some victoria secret on and i look hot
as hell just like i always do 😛 So come over
here and lick off my victoria secret lotion and perfume
off me because i smell hella good.

Well hotties im off so send me some emails or give
me a call and lets play

What a little bitch

Posted on Monday 15 October 2007

Hello my hotties,
I guess i felt i should share this with you because i did blog
about the person a while back and i cut him off because he is
a pathetic liar well this weekend i was online on my yahoo screen
name chatting to some of my hotties when i got a instant message
from a name i didnt recognize so i continued to talk to him and
then i asked do i no you?

He says yes but you might be mad if i told you who i was so there
is only 2 people that i dont like and dont want talking to me so i
pretty much could tell right then and there who it was because the
other one couldn’t send a instant message to save his life lol anyway’s
well yes i figured out who it was so i asked what he wanted he says

Ok ill tell you who it was it was JOHN you no the one that set his balls
on fire for me ahahah!! So i said i don’t need your money john i got my
own sugar daddy right now and he’s amazing 🙂 *i love you daddy*
so he wanted to prove his love for me so he sent me a amazon Gift
certificate for $200. I mean that’s nice and all john but come on what
could i really buy with that??? oh by the way THANKS FOR THE MONEY

Don’t bother no more 🙂 anyway’s i have been really good just taking some
time off and having so much fun with my friends and my boyfriend. This
weekend wasn’t all that because i was just so tired that i slept all weekend
and had a lot of sex and that just made me more sleepy and all filled up so
i would just back down with my boyfriends dick still in me and we would
fall asleep hehe awww how adorable is that? :mrgreen:

So hotties i will be on alerts so you can still call me and i can make
you cum so hard 🙂 well im going to go take a hot bath for a while
and smell really yummy so i can get all filled up again *yummy*
well im off if you need me just give me a call you no where i am

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Yes im still around :)

Posted on Thursday 4 October 2007

Hello my hotties,
I know i haven’t been keeping up on my blog I’ve been so
busy and spending time with my new “sugar daddy” Mike
he loves with i mention him and how much he’s spoiling his
princess 🙂 Well daddy this blog entry is just for you 🙂 i wanted
to thank you for all the prezzies you got me and the couch and
pink Laptop 🙂 and all the other kewl prezzies you go me
your not like some drunks i know hehe

You actually no how to spoil a princess and make me feel
so amazing 🙂 by the way I’m wrighting you right now from my
new pink sony viao laptop XOXOX thank you daddy bunches
well im going to go take a bath with my new lush bath bombs
and smell really yummy so when you call me we can play 🙂

Ok well im off hotties to do some phone sex calls so call me
and ill talk to you daddy in a bit i love you!


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