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I got some prezzy’s

Posted on Friday 28 September 2007


Hello my hotties,
Its Friday morning yay!! the weekend is finally here and
i can go out and play with the girls *giggles* because
school just has me drained 🙁 lately its been all work and
no play. Well tonight i got play with a special hottie of
mine and make him cum all over himself not to mention
he made me cum all over my thighs 🙂 (yummy) Come
lick it up allen… He’s such a sweetie he spoiled me on
amazon and bought me a cute present for my sexy lil
toes so i can do them all up and make the pretty for you.
well this week has been so much fun on niteflirt because
guys are just spoiling there little princess with lots of gifts
and its been making me happy to get all these pretty gifts

i love it so much when i get spoiled and open my mailbox
and see a prezzy or when the ups man knocks on the door
and delivers me a big box woo hoo then i really get wet and
cant wait to open the present 🙂 this must be a good week
for me or guys are just loving me or something *giggles*
ok im not sure whats planned for the weekend but i do no
that me and the girls are going clubbing and i do plan on
getting drunk *yaaaa!* i no the bartender like really well
wink wink 😉 he hooks me up with drinks well since im
planning on getting drunk i hope my NAUGHTY boy will be
calling me since im getting drunk for you dale since you
love it so much hehe. I told my baby “MIKE” i would blog

about him and let every one know how sweet he is and
how pimp he is 4realzzzz but i think i should pimp him
out and turn his cute ass into a little cum slut for me? huh
mike what do you say about that? well lets see what els
can i blog about? Oh oh oh i no what i can blog about!
the meanie who left me the bad feedback, so not cool!
he was asking me to do things i was comfortable doing
so he decides to be a dick about what but oh well what
ever! ill get over it WAIT already did 🙂 wel hotties its like
4am here and im giong to get cunffy in my big bed and
finger my tight pussy and fall asleep 🙂 well nite nite

I made a podcast

Posted on Friday 14 September 2007

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Britney Spears looked good

Posted on Tuesday 11 September 2007

Hello my hotties,
Howz it going im doing ok! Well of course last
night i was watching the VMA’S and my girl Britney Spears looked so good! she finally got her shit
together well lets hope. also my boi Chris brown
did an amazing job he’s a cutie. Welli havnt been
up to much except takeing my phone sexCalls and chillin and i have this guy who is so
in love with me he keeps sending me all these
notes about how much he loves me (awww) and i
wont let him cum i think now he is up to day 13
lol god that much suck! and i do belive him because
he showed me his dick and he is hard as a rock
just like on that movie. 30 days and 30 nights lol

He really loves the power i have over him but i
guess thats how good i am! You no what i have
noticed about myself that i have become more
dominate then i ever was. I always this sweet
little submsissive girl WATCH OUT! not anymore!
Im turning boy’s into my sissy little bitches an
making them crawl to me like a horny little slut

Well hotties i better get back to yelling at my
boy i wont let cum BECAUSE I HAVNT GOT MY NEW
IPOD YET! so when i get it ill let him cum!
untill then No!

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Need i say more?….

Posted on Sunday 9 September 2007


This is from my new baby Rob (Blows kiss) I wont let him
he hasnt cum in 11 days because i wont let him cum thats
how control i have over him

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Posted on Thursday 6 September 2007

Hello my hotties,
Ughh stupid boys make me so mad god theres some dumbass
guys out ther i sware to god! I get this call her who calls me
up i cant even understand a word he says so im trying to be
polite and say what did you say? He mumbles again i think he
was either high or drunk so he hangs up on me and says i wasOn the phone with him talking about gay sex? LMAO uhhh
how could i be when i didnt understand you in the first place
dayum!! and if a guy wants to talk about sucking cock your
damn right im going to talk about sucking cock lol. Anywayz
enough about that asshole did you see what my sweetie
wrote me in myComents how cute are they? ther so

adorable like him thanks
you baby 🙂 he’s my little bowler (shhh i wasnt supose to say
that)well tonight has been pretty busy on the phone sex lines
and there all out ill tell you! All my lil femi’s are out and
wanting to get all dressed up like little hooker’s. Oh and
this is for youbabe i’ll be

Going out this weekend to get drunk hehe and ill let you
know so you can call me because i no thats your fav 🙂
Oh shit! i got the funnyest call today he wanted to wrestle
me LMAO over the phone so guess what i beat his ass and
and! WON! well nite hotties im off to bed Luv ya!!

Hi baby this is for you HAPPY B-DAY Muuwaahhh(lil tongue)
well i hope you have a good and safe birthday and be a
good boy! PS. I hope you woke up ok for work kiss 4 you
nite babe talk to you tomorow <3XoxoX

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