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I have a new hottie

Posted on Thursday 30 August 2007

Hello my hotties,
Meet my new hottie how cute is he? Well only if
only i could see his face 🙁 but he is adorable as
hell he’s my new sweetie he just dont no it yet 🙂
So girls you better back the fuck off!
Well today i woke my ass up very early this morning
the fucking gardners woke me up! @#@&%R them

Jerks woke me up from my beauty sleep 🙁 So i
logged in today and took a lot of calls YAY I love
my callers mmuuuwwaaaahhh Xoxoxo Well i was on
the internet today and was reading my daily
and i seen my girl Britney Spears. broke down in her
Nice ass Mercedes poor girl! Now Britney Spears. shes
still my girl and i belive she will get her shit together :\
and be back again well i hope. Well what do i have
planned for tomorow? im really not sure i guess my
life isnt to exciting huh? Ill stay home all day and do
Phone sex. calls. i had alot of sissys call me today
An want me to dress them up and pimp them like
little cock whores “giggles” i love doing that so
little boy’s you need to call my Feminization Listing.

So its like 12:48am here and can you belive im
tierd? lol well im going to get my ass ready for
bed and go to sleep all by myself 🙁 well goodnite
my hotties


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Just got back

Posted on Sunday 26 August 2007

Hello my hotties,
Well im back from vegas and omg it was so fun. Just
like i thought there were so many hot guys out there.
i got so many hot presents from my friends and family
woohoo 🙂 and had such a fun time. Oh and that little
outfit i showed you i wore for my boyfriend and it
really made his dick so hard. I fucked him all nite
and drained his dick so much nothing came out for

like 4 hours later lol. I miss doing calls its been
a week since i did calls and im logged in rite now
to do some nasty phone sex calls because im so horny
and my pussy is just pulsing. I wish i was all filled
up 🙁 but im not. Well im off to phone sex calls so
call me and lets play and ill prolly blog some more

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8 day’s to go

Posted on Wednesday 15 August 2007

Hello my hotties,
Good morning only 8 more day’s till my birthday party
in Vegas woohoo!! I no I cant gamble but theirs alot
to do there besides that anyway’s. I no I haven’t blog’d
in a while but I have had so much going lately and
even though this is my b-day party you would think
it would be easy on me right? Uh no! its actually very
stressful. I got to go shopping and get my hair done
and my nails done and on top of it I’m so pressed for
time. You would think someone just someone would
help me out?NO!!

but they all want to come to my
party though lol. I no I haven’t logged in, in like
forever but I promise that once this whole b-day
thing is over ill be back into my groove 🙂 and guys
if I’m not on just set an arrange call with me I always
take those I get a lot from my regulars *thanks you*
guys 🙂

I just hope to have a really awesome trip.
Oh I did get a call about an hour ago from a sissy
who says he’s as hot as me *awww* I asked for a
pic but will see if I get one.
OMG!!! I have to show
you what a little sissy did for me. I haven’t had the
chance to put it up since my blog was down but im
going to show you! I don’t no his name but I want
to thank him anyway’s “thanks sweetie for the pic”
I love it!!

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Posted on Tuesday 14 August 2007

Hello my hotties,
Welcome back to my blog i know its been down but i had
some changes done to it as you can tell. Well i just wanted
you to know that its back up and going *yay* i am so tired
right now that im just going to crashout and get some sleep.

“If you come to my site and notice your banner isnt up i will
put up, Im working on it asap thank you *~*Candy~*~*”

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Rough sex is the best

Posted on Wednesday 8 August 2007

Hello my hotties,
Good morning and yes im up again in the morning 🙂 and im so
horny and wet that i had to finger all by myself awww someone
needs to come over and give me a nice big fat Dick and spread
my legs open *yummy* Im so excited i can wait to go to Las Vegas
and party!! ill bet thers going to be so many hot guys 🙂 Yes hotties
Im mad at my boyfriend right now so hot guys in vegas sound really
fun right about now and since im pretty horny they even sound good
right between my legs and deep inside me. Ill just even take some
really hotPhone sex. Ok well im going shopping today to get some
really hot outfits to go to vegas with and get my hair and nails done
and guess whos what for that my daddys JA thats right he sent me
money to get mysef all doll’d up thanks you baby i love you xoxo
well its 9am and im going to log in to take some Phone sex calls
so call me and lets play


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