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Stupid boy’s arghh!

Posted on Monday 30 July 2007

Hello my hotties,
Its monday πŸ˜• and i hate monday’s they just suck for some reason lol its
so wierd i’ve been a morning person lately and been taking calls in the monring
and im usually never up at this time. I had this caller about 10 minutes ago and
oh my god was this boy ::STUPID:: he calls me up i say hello like 3 times lol

So then he finally answers and is like ::uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! hellllooooooooooo::
and im just sitting ther trying not to laugh, Thinking is this high or somthing ❓
so then he asked me if i want to role play with him i said yes i love to role play πŸ˜€
then it got silent ::jepordy music:: so then out of nowhere he goes what role play are

You going to use ❓ ❓ ❓ Im like huh? now mind you he just asked me if i wanted
to role play with him so i assumed he had his role play all made up ❗ You would think?
Nooooo! He had me make one up so i did! and silence again ❗ Im thinking WTF ❓ So
then he says no i want to make my own role play up HELLO!! πŸ™„ so then were in the

middle of the role play and he forgets the sinareo this guy was a fucking idiot! a moron
he had no idea as to what he wanted and i dont even think he even realized he knew
who he called he was just a stupid stupid boy ❗ lol see the kinda crap we have to put
up with lol. I just hope my morning goes better then this idiot lol . Well im about to hop

In the shower to wash my hot,silky,smooth body πŸ˜† you should come join me and you
can sponge me all over (yummy) and pick me up and slam me against the shower wall
and fuck my brains out like my boy friend does :mrgreen: now im getting on horny mmm
well ill talk to you latter dont foget to call me!!!

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Its sunday

Posted on Sunday 29 July 2007

Hello my hotties,

Its Sunday and i signed on this morning to take some calls and get some
hot guys off and make there hard dicks cum while there wife’s were at church
:giggles: im a bad girl πŸ‘Ώ I didn’t do anything all day today except chill
out at home in my booty shorts and a pink belly shirt πŸ˜› and take calls
and play with my pussy :mmm: Yummy! This loser called me today and said

he wanted to pay 1 of my bills so of course i made him pay my cell phone
which was $367 and the loser paid the whole thing ❗ hotties my cell phone
bill is so high lol i talk on the phone soo much to my friends and im always
going over my minutes 😐 i guess that’s because im a girl and we do
shit like that. Oh i don’t no if you guys seen on the news that we had to

helicopters that collided in mid air and they all died πŸ™ that was so sad
i feel so bad for there family’s and it was like on every news channel and that
wasn’t so far from me im in Scottsdale. Its so fucking hot here and im so damn
tanned πŸ™‚ i like to tan nude in my back yard because i cant stand tan lines yuck ❗
but i do own some pretty damn hot bikinis that would make your dick pop up πŸ™‚

Well hotties im going to get off the computer and find something to do until
you call me πŸ™‚ so lets play or send me a email like i said before i love emails
IM’s and comments πŸ™‚ well you no where to find me to play

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Im so hung over

Posted on Saturday 28 July 2007

Current Mood:Bored emoticon Bored & Flirtatious emoticon Flirtatious & Happy emoticon Happy & Playful emoticon Playful

Hello my hotties,

Good morning again lol yes im up once again omfg im so hung over 😳
blah i hate this feeling but it felt so good last night hehe oh well i guess
thats what happends when ya drink eh? last night was so much fun with
mah gurls we drank so much and laughed our asses off at all these loser
guys that were just trying to pick up on us. When they would try to come
up and talk to us we would act all interested and bust out laughing lol

OMG! THIS ::MEMO:: IS TO GUYS!!! what the fuck is a EMO! lmao YUK YUK
GUY’S thers nothing hot about dudes in tight pants and your skinny legs or
fat legs its FUCKING GROSS! and that hair do LMAO. Maybe its just me but
ther nothing hot about a guy in tight anything! And a guy who is emotional
is such a turn of too me! YUK! Iguess i just love REAL men! not crying little
boys. Now dont get me wrong I LOVE MEN IN EYELINER! But im talking real
men! not ones that prick themselves. Lets name a few ::Sid vicious ,jonathan
davis,ozzy,Mike Ness,:: those are just to name a few πŸ˜‰ I love metal

guys not just ones that look like that ICK SICK! i just had to throw that out
there because i saw so many of those tight jean warring side hair warring and
small cock boys lol. anywayz i have no idea whats going on today im thinking
about just staying home and doing calls all day and being a bad girl and also
going over to my boyfriends house in something really sexy just to tease his
big fat dick mmm and tease him so much he take it from me ❗ now thats
fucking hot when he does that :mrgreen: and when he gets mad i dont
no why but it really turns me on and gets me so wet ❗ somtimes i pick
fights for no reason just to get him mad and made him fuck me heheh
well im off hotties ill talk to you laterz

Good Morning

Posted on Friday 27 July 2007

Β Hello my hotties,
Good morning! Can you believe im actually up lol i even woke up
at 9:00am! Im never up that early eww i hate mornings now. I have
turned into such a nite person lately and i really love it. For some
reason i get really cranky in the morning lol i dont no why i’ve always
been like that since i was a little girl its because i need my beauty
sleep πŸ™‚ Its Friday and im so excited woohoo! Im going out with my

Girl tonight and were going to have a rockin time πŸ™‚ just doing the
girl thang. Call have been doing good when im actually on πŸ™‚ im
just so busy these days with my boyfriend and spending a lot of
time with him wink wink! Besides i needed to take a break from
the whole thing anyways. Sometimes some people get on your
nerves and love to start shit and drag other people into it. When

That circle of people don’t want to talk you anyways or get involved
in your childhood games when your that OLD. Sorry hotties i had
to go off and do a little ranting like i always do. It makes me feel
better i guess. So its shit like that, that makes me want to take a
break from the whole scene. Oh oh im so sorry but i totally forget to
thank JA “pronounced” Jay for getting me a PSP πŸ™‚ thank you so

much sweetie. Mmmm i think today im going to take a hot bubble
bath i just love bubble baths. I got this victoria secret set from one
of my callers and in it theirs bubble bath,lotion,body wash and body
spray and it makes me smell sooo yummy! πŸ™‚ and makes my skin
feel so soft and silky mmm. Well im getting hungry now lol im going
to go to starbuck’s and get a mocha latte’ and get my nails done

So i look good for tonight. Im going to be a good girl dont worry im
going to drink though im going to have some Margaritas yummy
well im going to get going i have a lot of shit to do today and
i should be on tonight after i get back. But chances are ill be
at my boyfriends house but check in on me i might surprise
you πŸ™‚ Well if you want get a hold of me drop me a email or IM
me if im on πŸ™‚ and ill talk to you hotties then buh bye

Just thinking…

Posted on Thursday 26 July 2007

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Hello my hotties,
Its thursday early morning and im logged in taking calls :mrgreen:
i just wanted to say thank you to the anonymous caller who bought
me the cute little pink tongue ring πŸ˜› im wareing it now in fact

I even tried it out on my boyfriends dick and he really seemed to
enjoy it and he happend to cum all over it too MMM so thank you
because this hot lil momma loves presents i also go Victoria secret
pear loction from one of my sweetie caller πŸ™‚ Thank you sweetie it
smells so yummy and lickable and even my boyfriend noticed how
good i smelled. Thats what drove to use of the tongue ring :hehe:
we got down and dirty tonigt he ever licked my ass πŸ˜† :blushing:
what can i say hotties hes a freak in the sheets but i love it ❗
and so am i but you all already know that. I hear the simpsons
movie is coming out im going to go see it πŸ™‚ I dont really have a
time to watch them anymore so ill go see the movie. Incase you
didnt no hotties im a big WWE fan as well πŸ™‚ But havent watched
it in a while but i do have a caller cutie who keeps me updated
how cute is that ❓ Im also a huge lip gloss fan ❗ My lips are
always so yummy tasting. Im hoping coming up pretty soom to
get my blog all updated πŸ™‚ i cant wait so excited. Anyways
oh oh oh Well i got this customer of mine will just call him ❓
he was so fucking druknk i got him to finger his asshole with
his tv remote ❗ and bend over in front of the cam LMAO and
i havnet seen him since online! Do you think that ❓ could
be so embaressed that hes a afraid to come back online lmao.
See here is what happend hotties he was so drunk i tried to
get him to get me a amazon Gift Card and he wouldnt so i made
him fuck his own asshole on webcam and slap himself in the balls
and even CUM ON HIS FACE! Just like a little cum slut hahahha


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