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Weekend Fun

Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2007

:mrgreen: Hello my hotties, :mrgreen:
Well im back and i did have some fun 👿 ther were alot of hot boys
out ther 😈 and i did get drunk in my bikini ::hehe:: and chilled
and got tan with my girls. Then about 11pm it was just me and my boyfriend
on the lake and i couldnt help it i got so horny 😆 So he layed a towl
down and fucked my brains out it was so amazing ❗ well im off to do
Phone Sex so call me and lets ➡ fuck nite nite

Call me

Posted on Monday 28 May 2007

Hello my hotties,
Well im too tired to write long weekend ill write tomorrow 😳
But click the add above and give me call :mrgreen:

Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on Sunday 27 May 2007

Hello my hotties,

Its Memorial Day weekend and im on my Laptop at
Lake Havasu and its so hot and thers so many people
i’ll tell you thers alot of hot guys here. Although I did drink 😆
earleyer but its hot to drink in the sun so im just chillin
on the internet with me and my LAPTOP and my IPOD. Im so
fucking sick of looking at Rosie O’Donnell why cant she just
my man Donald Trump alone hes the biggest baller of all time.
Oh oh the Sopranos are on tonight OMG no there not! well that’s
good because its not like i would be able to watch it here.
Haha i heard from my friends Lindsay Lohan just got busted
for DUI haha what a dumbass drunk bitch anyway’s hotties
im off to the lake to get wet 🙂 I’ll tell you about it
when i get back tomorrow nite later hotties, Oh you can
also call me im still doing Phone sex on my cell

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Phone sex whore

Posted on Saturday 26 May 2007

Current Mood:Alarmed emoticon Alarmed & Bored emoticon Bored & Surprised emoticon Surprised

Hello my hotties, :mrgreen:
Well its friday night and yay! omg i just have to say im fucking glad
American Idol is over i really hate that show but im like the biggest fan of the
Sopranos i cant belive tony killed chris. I was so shocked i did not see thats
coming at all 🙁 anyways well tonight was fun i only had Sex
once today lol. I got my new shoes in the mail today that oscar
got me 🙂 and they look so pretty on me. You guys need to
go to my links page and VOTE for me please! and for first
time callers get 3 free minutes with me the dirty talk slut
::hehe:: Well im off off to Phone Sex
oh by the way Pirates of the caribbean
is coming out i wanna see i think should by
me a ticket i think Johnny depp
is so hot in eye liner 🙂

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Posted on Wednesday 23 May 2007

admin @ 6:58 pm
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