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Im back!!!

Posted on Wednesday 25 April 2007

Hello my hotties,

I know i havent wrote in a while but now im back yay!!!
I havent been doing much just kinda really in lazy mode.
its been so hot here and guess what hotties ive been
chillin by the pool with this new bikini fuck i look so hot!
you guys should see how hot it is! Its pink and hardly
covers my nipples and its a thong that goes over my ass.
Well im taking calls so lets have some fucking fun im so
damn horny! My clit is just pulsing yummy so cum play
with me and lets get off together bye bye hotties


Congratulations Larry

Posted on Thursday 5 April 2007

Hello my hotties,

I wanted to say congratulations to my Larry for finally.
getting his but to cali woohoo 🙂 and mention im so proud of
him 🙂 larry is a very good friend of mine who has taken
care of me for some time 🙂 and hes wanted this dream for so
long and now he finally made hit happen for himself and i wish
him all the luck in the world. He’s one of the nicest people i no.
after all he is the owner of my wish list 🙂 and im going
to beat all those other girls out there and kick ass!

All talk i say!

Posted on Tuesday 3 April 2007

Hello my hotties,

Makeup Sex is so amazing i actually like starting fights just to
have it hehe. When my boyfriend gets mad it really turns me
on because he gets all crazy looking 🙂 and i like pissing him
off untill he throws me on the bed and just shuts me up by fucking
my brains out 🙂 He holds my arms down on the bed and just slams his
big fat Dick all inside me and i just Cum all over him and scream his name

As he has me pined down to the bed and sucking on my Tits at the same time.
I just go so crazy over makeup sex. I don’t no why it just really gets
me so horny 🙂 You no i have to point this out once again! Ok today
im online and i get this Instant message from this guy who is a Asslover or
something like that but anways he messages me and says ” I want you
to take advantage of me” DUH! so ok i do! i tell his loser ass to

Go on my wish list and buy me something nice or send me a gift certificate
so he says ok im doing it. So 10 minutes have gone by and i ask him well?
are you being a good slave? He says yes im getting it! so once again i
message him * keep in mind he messaged me first out of the blue * so
he gets back to me and reply’s “Get a real job” LMAO ok you come to

Me asking me to take advantage of you! so i do!! and he has the nurve
to tell me to get a real job lol how funny is that? I guess he’s a broke
ass bitch hahah and couldn’t afford anything nice for the princess 🙂
Ok guys here’s what im getting at! If you message me and ask me to take
advantage of you and you have no plans on doing what i say then

go off like that but god damn! I have better things to do then play
with crying ass wannabe submissive bitches lol i mean come on guys
and im never rude! but this one takes the cake for me and its annoying
as hell!But anways off that subject lets talk about me lol and how
i love to fuck hehe my favorite position is doggy style because i love
to be on all fours with my face buried into the pillow, Well
im off to Phone sex im all honry now!!!

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Weak little minds to controll

Posted on Monday 2 April 2007

Hello my hotties,

Its monday and thers nothing to do! Im so freakin bored
im taking my Phone sex calls but it seems thers no one calling! lol
where the hell is everyone tonight huh? take me with you hehe
well someone that i really care about called me tonight and
they were so fucked up on coke and it really made me sad! i
now its fun to pary and have a good time and all but when it

Comes down to someone i care about i guess its not that cool!
and right now im really mad at him! and very hurt because he
kept telling me no im sober as if im a idiot! Guys i may be
blonde but im not a idiot! Now i will admit i’ve done my share
of partying myself but nothing like what he as done tonight 🙁
and your prolly wondering why is she talking about this on her
blog. Well i like to write about everything that goes on in my

life. I guess wrighting kinda helps me a little bit oh i made
another pod cast. I really dont like making that alot because
mabe you’ll get sick of hearing them lol. Where the fuck are
all those boys at tonight huh? Are you sleeping? whats going on.
did i ever tell you guys im a huge fan of CSI MIAMI? well i am
its because Eric Delko is so fucking hot! OMG i would fuck the
hell out of him! and make him cum so fucking hard inside me

Yummy i guess now im ranting hahah oh well you love it!
i have to give a shout out to my new little toy name
danny! hehe i think he’s scared of me 🙂 i got him off
the other nite and made him Cum really hard
and i also made him really weak to the point he went on my
wishlist and send me a email gift certificate 🙂 because he
couldnt controll himself over me by the way thank you danny.

I love making little boys like him very weak! and controlling
ther little minds hehe just to get what i want 😉 I guess you
can say somtimes i like being in controll but most of the time
i love with a man controlls me and makes me do whatever he wants
me to do. Im weak myself when it comes to really dominate men
well im off to Phone sex Ttyl hotties mmmwwahhh!


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