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Posted on Wednesday 28 February 2007

Well where do i start i havent wrote that much due to my grandma being sick
and about ready to pass. Your prolly wondering why am i even wrighting this on
my blog? Well i guess because i love what i do and i have alot of callers out ther
who care about me 🙂 and are always ther to cheer me up when im down! and i
guess wrighting about it kinda heals some pain. Yes i am still on and taking calls
like i said it takes my mind off of it. and today was so fucking boring maybe because
i got alot on my mind. well i guess i dont really have to much to say tonight but
if you want to call ill be on 🙂 and waiting for your call, and if you click on my pic
above you’ll get 3 free minutes

Last night was so fun

Posted on Sunday 25 February 2007

Hey my hotties,
Well last night was so fun i went to a party with my friends and i drank
and danced and had so much fun woohoo! and ther were so many hot
guys ther that i grinded on. and it made me so horny, for some reason
i get so horny when im drunk like my clit pulses hehe well nows its sunday
and maybe i should go to church with my parents 😉 Yes im a good girl guys!
well im a bad girl that dont get caught 🙂 imagine me in my catholic school
girl uniform how hot is that? kneeling down OK OK ! im done lol thats bad!
see what a dirty mind i got heheh. Just imagine how good i am at phone sex
and boys my imagination runs wiled!! im such a tease now look your dicks all
hard so now you mind as well call me and lets play. its sunday morning and im
really horny ( i no you are! ) i bet the wifes out shopping or whatever so call
me and lets have nasty phone sex…..


Can you hear me?

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2007

Hey hotties,
I just got a new podcast yay! you can hear my voice for those of you
that have never heard me before. Well today went ok i just really hung
out with friends and took a few calls. I got a call today from a really nice
asian guy i forgot his name but i just wanted to give him a shout out and
say hi!!! i really really love to have hot nasty phone sex. The nastyer the
better i think and guys just a little info im very very submissave i really
love a man in controll or woman depends on my mood. well if your in the
mood give me a call and tonights lets just fuck! im in the mood for somthing
ruff. below is my new podcast recorder so take a listen well im getting off
and ill write tomorow


Im so tired

Posted on Wednesday 21 February 2007

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Hi hotties,

Oh my god im so tired *yawns* but i just cant sleep at all i dont no why.
mabe because im getting so many calls 🙂 although i did have one call
tonight that i have done. I never played a super hero role play it was
pretty cool 🙂 very unique!. Well i have nothing to do today at all just bum
around the house in my sexy jammys woohoo. Mom and dad are going to be
gone all day so i got the house all to myself. So you know ill be logged in.
who knows maybe youll call me in the middle of sex thats if your lucky!!!
and yes i have taken calls in the middle of sex. It was pretty hot. Well im
getting more sleepy im going to go lay down and go to sleep. i will be on
tomorow so call me and lets have some nasty fun mmm


Candy never tasted so sweet!

Posted on Monday 19 February 2007

Hey hotties,
Well today is monday and school was so boring today
all i wanted to do was come home and take calls 🙂 well its raining here and i love
the rain and love to fuck in the rain as im on top of you sliding down so deep on that
dick mmm im making myself soo wet right now just thinking about it. I’ve been so horny
today and i mean really horny mabe its the rain hehe well im logging in now to take some
hot calls so i can get my tight little young bald pussy off for you because hotties im so
weettt!! not to mention i love phone sex and role playing


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